I have been mystified about why my site visitors refrains from completing a sale. I have turned over every stone, trying to find ways to make my site more attractive. I have solicited the help of experts to help me find ways to enhance the speed, functionality, and feel of my site. It has cost me financially to accomplish what I have so far but I am not willing to give up yet. I know that I might not get rich from this one store because there are thousands of sites out there similar to mine. I just want to be a success and share the pot.
I have had this site fo six months now with only one purchase to date. I will give myself another six months with continuous tweaking to get a few returning customers. I want my customers to feel safe and comfortable visiting my site. I have the trusted seals and my store is under the Shopify umbrella so my site is safe. I want my customers to know that I am sincere, honest and humble.

Please feel free to comment, rate, and let me know how I can help. 

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